[Tagging] Proposal vote: change vote counting rules

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Tue Jan 19 08:44:57 UTC 2021

vote started.

Primary changes are to:

Change the rule on what counts as successful vote from

"8 unanimous approval votes or at least 10 votes with more than 74 % approval"


"at least 8 approval votes and at least 75 % approval"



"but other factors may also be considered (such as whether a feature is already in use)."


"but other factors may also be considered (for example one person voting multiple times
 or votes from people who are not involved in OSM mapping at all[1] must be ignored).

[1] Any kind of mapping activity is OK, as long as it improves something - a single edit
that is not a vandalism or useless is sufficient. User must have the same username
at OSM Wiki and openstreetmap.org or mention openstreetmap.org username on
their user page on Wiki for their vote to be counted."


Changes are motivated by

- absurd situation that with 8 yes votes and 1 no vote proposal is failing,
additional no vote makes it passing
- acceptance threshold is misleading described as changing on
whether a feature is already in use (even if such rule was active in past
it is dead anyway - and not needed as people consider it during vote)
- presence in votes accounts without any edits except vote and no
matching openstreetmap.org account and no info whatever they have one
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