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if you are after roads for suicid joggers, I would agree with you :-)
But, please be very careful.
I would say, in Italy most roads do not have any sidewalk tagging yet. I
would also think that shoulders are really very rarely mapped yet, if they
exist. Also speed limits are largely not mapped yet.
And the biggest of all problems is that we have no information about
traffic intensity.
>From a pure safety point of view, I guess running on the shoulder of a
motorway would be one of the best places,, mainly because they have a low
incidence of traffic accidents, and most of them have generously wide
shoulders. Lower grade roads have heavier traffic, often no shoulder, and
statistically significantly higher accident rates (per km driven). I know
in a way "your" problem as I am in the "business" of planning group cycling
excursions, and the real art is to find minor and slower roads that are not
dangerous (dedicated cycling infrastructure is always preferred, but not
always available). For this planning I use a cycle-routing software on OSM,
increasingly Mapillary where available, but often spotchecking on Google
Satellite, as it is here by far the most up-to-date and better-resolution

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> > Remember that highway=trunk/primary/etc tags are about a road's relative
> importance and say absolutely nothing about the physical characteristics of
> a road.
> +1, in Germany and Italy, you may not walk or cycle on motorways (and mw
> links), all other situations of roads are covered by access tagging and not
> implicitly (if you consider motorroad=yes also an access tag). Footways,
> bridleways etc. not considered (no roads).
> When there is no sidewalk, what is typical outside of settlements, you
> walk on the road. Bigger roads tend to have tracks running along,
> particularly when there are fields.
> Cheers Martin
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