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Please see my comments in line below.

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>>Thanks for your guidance.  Now documented at:  https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:PeterPan99
>>...just in case you are interested. 

>I believe you could add different tags for the name according to the council and according to the street sign. I do not understand why your >solution for B is no name, as all sources you have checked do have a name.
FindMyStreet, which shows the USRNs does not map it at all in the vector layer, although the raster layer below does show a name a9but not the one on the ground.  In order to name it, as it is on the ground, I would have to tag the same name on 2 streets. 

>Did you try to contact the people who have added the current names in OpenStreetMap?
No, not yet.  Perhaps I should, but I doubt they will know any more than I do (not very modest of me I know!)
>Generally in “name” we put what is on the ground, but there is plenty of space for alternative realities in additional tags.
>The street signs with 2 names on them look like being for 2 different streets.
Yes, they do look like 2 streets,  but they are really one street that leads to 2 blocks of houses, accessed only by footpaths. 
>Cheers Martin   
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