[Tagging] Narrowing the application range of the smoothness tags

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Wed Jan 27 18:52:16 UTC 2021

On 1/27/21 3:42 AM, Peter Elderson wrote:
> Op wo 27 jan. 2021 om 10:32 schreef Richard Smits via Tagging 
> <tagging at openstreetmap.org <mailto:tagging at openstreetmap.org>>:
>     hat I intend to do.
>     @Peter I’m not sure I understand what you want to say. What do you
>     propose to change? I had in mind to focus on describing smoothness
>     for 4-wheeled vehicles; this smoothness can then still be applied
>     to narrow ways suitable only for 2-wheelers (if this way was wide
>     enough for a 4-wheeler, which class would be able to pass it?).
> * I'm saying most people don't look through the eyes of a 4-wheel 
> vehicle driver. It's just silly for a hiker to see a perfectly 
> passable path called impassable, which isn't even a degree of 
> smoothness, just because a car can't pass there, mainly because of the 
> width.
> What to change? Refer only to the vehicles the scale is meant for.
At the top of the page it says 'for wheeled vehicles'.  Hikers are not 
relevant :)
> * Good unpaved roads have smoothness=bad. That doesn't make much sense 
> to me. Looks like it's not about smoothness, but about how fast you 
> can drive.
That's a valid criticism of the tag value names, but it has been around 
quite a while, and Richard is not proposing a wholesale change.   It 
seems to have been written from the perspective of a road cyclist.

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