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> Adding place=hamlet to every single household
> is not a good idea (and I spotted this
> in some HOT areas,

It's not just HOT.  I've encountered clusters of these in the UK,
all around 8-10 years old, all by the same mapper.  It appears
he or she was working to an out-of-copyright map and
misinterpreted house names as hamlets.  Not all houses
are named on OS OpenData StreetView and I assume
the same was true of whatever map was used back then.
So one named house in a cluster of unnamed houses became
a hamlet; a named farmhouse with several outbuildings
became another hamlet.

I recently encountered an "isolated dwelling" node that is actually
a bridge (same mapper).  There is no building on or near the
node in OS OpenData StreetView.  There is no building visible
in any aerial imagery.  I can find nothing using Google to indicate
that "Foo Bridge" is, or was, anything other than the nearby bridge.
Where the node was placed is where OS OpenData StreetView has
the label "Foo Bridge" for the nearby bridge.  It looks like somebody,
whose username indicates English may not be his/her first language
saw a label for a bridge and mapped it as a hamlet - after I've done
a bit more checking I'll delete it (having named the bridge properly
some time ago).

In each case I do a lot of checking to verify that there is no known
hamlet or locality of that name and that there is a named feature (house,
bridge or whatever) matching that name in that location.  If I am certain
it is wrong, I fix it.

BTW, I've encountered a few cases where a real hamlet and a house or
farm in that hamlet have the same name.  But these are ones I've
mapped myself.  So far I've not found any mapped by that other
mapper where a hamlet and a building in that hamlet have the same

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