[Tagging] How to tag an industrial breeding facility?

António Madeira antoniomadeira at gmx.com
Wed Jun 2 01:18:38 UTC 2021

I think this contribute from Bert is a good base and a first step to
create a useful scheme.
I'll come back to this when I have more time, but I would like to
comment on this paragraph specifically. I didn't think about insects,
but don't forget they're also animals. So, in this sense, "livestock"
could be stretched to include them. ;)


Às 13:03 de 28/05/2021, Bert -Araali- Van Opstal escreveu:
> I didn't include "livestock" in the value, because, more and more the
> facilities that breed insects for protein and consumption, either by
> humans or animals are emerging, in my English insects are not
> livestock. They would be suitable to be described with the same
> farmyard value if we avoid "livestock". As an alternative one could
> introduce another farmyard=insect_production.

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