[Tagging] hiking route from= and to= tags

michael spreng ml at osm.datendelphin.net
Wed Jun 30 16:48:47 UTC 2021


Sorry for the late response. I have read all the replies and will reply
to some points here:

Editor support would be great. I have already seen

There was concern about misunderstanding that the route is only walkable
in one direction. There is already a tag for the case of a single
direction route: signed_direction=yes. I would make it clear that the
from/to tag is relative to the relation, does not indicate a preferred
direction of the route. They are optional, so if it doesn't fit to a
route with alternatives, feel free to leave it off.

One question was: How are these basic segments used by data users?
I think mostly to plan routes. Some people prefer to stay on the
network, because it should be suitable for walking and you can follow
the direction signs. So you can look at the map where you have network
routes and plan your trip that way. Where would be a convenient bus stop
to get onto the network or home again after the trip.

For round trip routes, one could use the already mentioned via, which is
a logical extension to the from and to tags. But again, those tags are

Thank you for all the feedback

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