[Tagging] Use of highway=track vs highway=service cemeteries, parks, allotment gardens, golf courses, and recreation areas

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Fri Mar 5 10:42:54 UTC 2021

Mar 5, 2021, 11:06 by marc_marc at mailo.com:

> Le 05.03.21 à 10:50, Richard Fairhurst a écrit :
>> You really do not need two keys to express this.
> I agree, but the fact that each tool has to build a list of values
> and then classify them into main groups is not ideal either.
Why? Different tools will have different needs and
data consumers will need to make their own decisions.

For example surface=grass_paver is horrible for bicycles and fine for cars,
surface=sand is bad for cars and bicycles, fine or maybe preferable
for hikers.

> you have made such a list, others also make such a list and with each
> new value, you have to make a new piece of code to say that the new
> "ultra precise" value is in practice in category A or B
What is preferable to taking classification from some external dataset.

> at least there should be a way to build this list in a collaborative way
> and easily readable by a program, this would allow to build a
> preprocessor to group all the ultra detailed values into larger groups
> for those who do not need to make the difference between a paving_stone
> variant A and variant B.
That would be far more complex.

BTW, you may use https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Data_items
for that.

But it would not be not useful at least in cases known to me.
For any place where I processed surface values I would prefer
a manually curated list.
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