[Tagging] Is it OK to consider and describe landcover=water as deprecated?

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Sat Mar 6 06:47:22 UTC 2021

landcover=water is a tag 

duplicating more widely used tags suchas natural=water, waterway=riverbank etc
with minimal use
(1038 uses worldwide, compared to say11 040 604 of natural=water)

It is unsupported by editors and data consumers
In actual use it is accompanied by normalwater tags
It is useful only if someone is trying todeprecate natural=water (and many other
And such mass deprecation has no 
support (such massive deprecationwould require clear support and good planthat is not here).

Overall, this tag sole use is to pushlandcover proposal.

Can we consider this tag to be deprecated?

Disclaimer: someone created Wiki page
for that tag and described in a way 
suggesting that landcover tags are 
standard tagging in OSM.

I edited it to describe it as a deprecated 

I did it without discussion on taggingmailing list as situation was clear,
given lack of real use, support, existingclear tagging and lack of anything 
supporting that tag.
Yesterday someone edited to removemost of description as a pointless duplicate.

PS I really, really want to avoid people 
doing "I am migrating tagging tolandcover=water" and being able tojustify it with Wiki page.
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