[Tagging] RFC: Seaway key - proposal for mapping ports

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sat Mar 6 09:07:04 UTC 2021

Seamark is used for navigation (at sea), though it also includes moorings, notices to mariners, small_craft_facilities, harbors, bridges, anchorages, restricted_areas...so it's already pretty rich.  Is it "enough" to describe the ports (as a start) that Seaway does?  The overlap is there, it is small, it is subtle, it is therefore easy for things to blend and be confused and make a mess.  As we design new tags, they must serve a purpose, not be a fishing expedition (though, I know the proposal says it is brainstorming scheme gaps).

Here, there are plenty of gaps, plenty of smear, plenty of overlap, plenty of room for confusion and muddling.  Were seaway to be developed, very bright lines would need to be painted around the core concepts and the tags as a scheme to tame them into a medium-sized box that does not overlap with seamark and OpenSeaMap.  Such rich, vast scope.

Yes, it seems like seaway would make "3 out of 3" to two which exist:  similar land and air tagging.  While I think we can say air (aero*) tagging has good lines drawn around it (room for growth and improvement, sure, but sturdy as is), land tagging is comparatively complex, as it must be (roads of many kinds, rails of many kinds, all kinds of land transportation modes...).  "Marine" as a semantic and "seaway" as a start of syntax to describe some, most or all of it (as it does so with ports, a good start, but only a start) are both huge.  It would be a great deal of work to overlap these with sense and lots of nods of agreement.  I'm not saying we can't, I am saying it would be much work.

Maybe "brainstorming scheme gaps" is better done in other ways.  I mean, in this case (it DOES have to do with how vast is this case) seeing pitfalls and overlap with a vast topic is rather easily done by a few active current posters to this list and on many fronts filled with much baggage to deal with, including that of its vastness.  We can't seem to stop talking about its vastness and/or have many questions and chip away at it and how it needs to go deeper if it has a chance to float.  Martin K, you've been quiet since bringing this up, what do you think of the dialog here?  You could take this thread in many directions right now.

(And I'm seldom if ever quite sure if / when / how we take it to the Proposal's Discussion page...or not, continuing here).


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