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Bert -Araali- Van Opstal bert.araali.afritastic at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 16:37:44 UTC 2021

Draw an area, shape of the roof, tag it building=roof, add layer=1.
Draw a way.  passing through the middle of the roof.  Share a node at 
both entry/exit points, so you can split it later.
Tag the whole way as highway=service.
Split the section of that highway passing under the roof. Tag it with 

You can add a node on the highway in front of the roof to indicate the 
presence of the flowerpots.

Add the tag barrier=yes or if you like more specific barrier=flowerpot 
(appreciated if you document that value on the wiki, but don't use a 
google picture please). Add access keys to further specify which traffic 
can pass the barrier, like access=customers and 
access:conditional=motor_vehicle @ (Mo-Fr 17:00 - 22:00).


Bert Araali

On 08/03/2021 19:03, Tamas Rell wrote:
> Hi!
> How would you tag this:
> https://goo.gl/maps/XeT3dUxnLkZD1NMG6 
> <https://goo.gl/maps/XeT3dUxnLkZD1NMG6>
> That's a gate(?) at the entrance of a shopping/pedestrian area. 
> Searched the wiki, but I can't find any proper tag.
> Thanks,
> Tamas
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