[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Find A Grave cemetery and grave IDs

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 08:07:33 UTC 2021

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> On 12 Mar 2021, at 11:00, Marc_marc <marc_marc at mailo.com> wrote:
> and expect the justified remark that it's not necessary to put the refs
> of all the bases in the world, wikidata can perfectly serve as a unique
> identifier to link all the bases

could be an option. Not sure thousands or millions of individual graves are sufficiently relevant for wikidata to justify entering there (wikidata has different criteria for inclusion than OpenStreetMap)

> (and this even without putting a
> wikidata identifier in osm, since the coordinates can be filled in
> wikidata to make the link)

not very stable, if the concept is not tagging things in OpenStreetMap and rely only on wikidata, basing this relationship on a coordinate alone seems asking for trouble. Imagine you adjust a node position a few meters and this automatically changes all the properties in which you are interested (but have not tagged them, pulling from wikidata
through spatial relation). For graves having many of them close by is probably the normal case.

Cheers Martin 

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