[Tagging] [Tagging ] How to tag a paleochannel of a river

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sun Mar 14 19:00:02 UTC 2021

On Mar 13, 2021, at 1:57 AM, Peter Elderson <pelderson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dutch polders are extensive hydrological systems, designed to maintain constant water levels under all circumstances (mainly by pumping out the water, hence the vast amount of water mills still present in Nederland as heritage). The land in the polders is used for housing (including major cities), military, industry, airports, forestry, leisure, tourism, even though the original and still the main use is agricultural. So landuse=polder may not be ideal. I think it's more like a man_made feature. Or water level based boundaries. 

Realizing it is a sideline to "paleochannel," but that "polder" has risen as a valid topic here, I simply agree here with Peter's characterization that landuse is not the right key to pair with polder.  I don't have what feel like good ideas for what would be, though the concept of polder seems a valid tag to capture.  The question is how.  (For another thread).

For this thread, how to tag a paleochannel of a river seems to best start with an agreed-upon definition for that word.  I'm not sure we have that (here) yet.  Volker's examples are a beginning, but even multiple examples do not a definition make.

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