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Marc_marc marc_marc at mailo.com
Thu Mar 18 13:03:52 UTC 2021


Le 18.03.21 à 13:26, Paul Allen a écrit :
> 1) Does what this user is doing constitute good practise or not?

before answering the general question, I think it is important to answer
this specific case:
for me there is no interest to divide the web address of a company into
different tags according to its size, all the sites have the same
vocation: to communicate between the one who consults and the one who
wrote it, sometimes it's one way (page without form), sometimes it's in
the 2 directions (form), sometimes it's all on 3 lines (to communicate
the address and the phone number, sometimes it's on a page of 100 lines
(it's even the fashion) sometimes it's 3 pages of some lines.
So in his eyes, this modification seems interesting to me

"any tag you like" but also "someone else's right to modify your tag"
imagine for a moment that you use webpage, another pageweb, another
web:page, another website:small... it would have no practical advantage
the phrase should be "any tag you like but check existing tag before
and document the tag explaining how it is different from others

> 2) Is there sufficient excuse to document webpage=* 

document : yes !
but a page on the wiki is not a right to say that it is
a perfect choice that nobody can change

> as "in use"

1 objet isn't a status=in use, it's a draft
in use describes that it is one of the tags used in a non-marginal way,
as opposed to de facto which describes a tag being the only "recognised"
way to describe that element

> Or is it so controversial it would need a proposal and vote?

you can...
look at where this discussion is leading, will give you an idea


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