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Paul Allen pla16021 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 13:19:32 UTC 2021

On Thu, 18 Mar 2021 at 13:07, Marc_marc <marc_marc at mailo.com> wrote:

for me there is no interest to divide the web address of a company into
> different tags according to its size, all the sites have the same
> vocation: to communicate between the one who consults and the one who
> wrote it, sometimes it's one way (page without form), sometimes it's in
> the 2 directions (form), sometimes it's all on 3 lines (to communicate
> the address and the phone number, sometimes it's on a page of 100 lines
> (it's even the fashion) sometimes it's 3 pages of some lines.
> So in his eyes, this modification seems interesting to me

>From the perspective of having been involved with the techy side
of the web, there is a difference between a web site (even if it
is only a single page with only a sentence of text) and a web
page (even if it is a very large web page).  Call it pedantic,
but I cringe when I see example.com/foo/bar/wibble.html
described as a web site.

> "any tag you like" but also "someone else's right to modify your tag"

But we also discourage automated edits, which this appears to be.
Even if manual confirmation is required, it's still an automated edit.
An automated edit which was re-applied even after I indicated that
I had chosen webpage deliberately.  No further discussion, just one
user imposing his choice.  The logical consequence of "any right
to modify" is an edit war, and we discourage those, too.

> 2) Is there sufficient excuse to document webpage=*
> document : yes !
> but a page on the wiki is not a right to say that it is
> a perfect choice that nobody can change

No,  but at least it would change "non standard" to "documented but I don't
like it anyway" for the reason he'll have to give for his changes.

> > as "in use"
> 1 objet isn't a status=in use, it's a draft

It was in use, until this user went around deleting it.  Whether it was a
idea or not is another matter.

> Or is it so controversial it would need a proposal and vote?
> you can...
> look at where this discussion is leading, will give you an idea

That's why I asked.

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