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Robin Burek robin.burek at gmx.de
Thu Mar 18 13:41:52 UTC 2021

>> Then I checked that user's edit history. Quite a lot of
>> changesets are about "fixing" things.  He or she fixed
>> wbsite=* in one edit (for which he or she deserves thanks).
>> But he or she also waged war upon webpage.
>> So a few questions:
>> 1) Does what this user is doing constitute good practise or not?
> In this particular case, that depends on whether the community thinks
> that "webpage" is an exact synonym for "website" or not. This list is
> probably the best place to discuss that.  Language is also going to
> be a factor - in Dutch I'd use "webpagina" for webpage/website in
> English; in German I'd use "Webseite" (actual Dutch or German people
> please feel free to disagree here of course).

For the German use you're right - but "Seite" refers actually to "page".
(German is a so lovely language). I don't even know exactly whether
there is any term in German that shows the factual difference between
website and webpage - at least I don't know any.Â

Overall, I would assume that there are no automatic edits here, but
rather a good quality management tool is used.I would - even if it is
perhaps wrong from a linguistic point of view - primarily (if it is the
only list on the Internet) to display such pages under "website" - here
you just have to think about the data consumer.

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