[Tagging] Difference between busways and bus-only service roads

Colin Gzesh colgza at tutanota.de
Sat Mar 20 15:08:02 UTC 2021

I am currently working the proposal for highway=busway, and I am having difficulties trying to come up with a consistent and  way to differentiate between busways, and bus only service roads.

I felt the need to try to distinguish these types of features, because of the following comment from a collaborator to openstreetmap-carto:

>> highway=service, access=no, and bus=designated 
> This combination of tags is also used for short service roads which bus only and doesn't let us distinguish them from busways.


Anyway, I would like to hear some outside input on how more-experienced mappers would solve this problem. Here is the link to the relevant topic in the discussion page:


Here is the link to the proposal page:

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