[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Discouraging the use of deprecated schemes

Bert -Araali- Van Opstal bert.araali.afritastic at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 01:57:54 UTC 2021

On 22/03/2021 18:42, mail at marcos-martinez.net wrote:
> I challenge all of you to provide an short answer: In an ideal world, 
> do you at least agree on the desirability to have a database which is 
> consistent? Would you consider it positive if people voluntarily 
> tagged in an aligned manner? Because if the answer is no than the 
> whole discussion is pointless.

I can't answer a dual question with one answer.

So, NO, OSM is not an ideal world, neither is the real World which we 
map. And even if all it's contributors would be ideal mappers, the 
answer is still NO. The database or storage system must allow 
inconsistency, because our world, OSM and contributors are not ideal.

Second, YES.  It would be positive, if it's voluntary.

So this makes the discussion at least for 50% useful, and 50% pointless ?


Bert Araali

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