[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Discouraging the use of deprecated schemes

Robin Burek robin.burek at gmx.de
Thu Mar 25 08:32:24 UTC 2021

Am 24.03.2021 um 18:58 schrieb Peter Elderson:
> I take part in several OSM subforums. There is much, much better
> overview than in this mailing list.

Then you use stupid mail software. Thunderbird shows me these mails as a
"tree". I can show and hide parts. Since the previous one is always
marked in a mail, the software can sort it correctly.This is not
possible in the forum - and no, a linear forum as it currently exists is
much worse.

> Within a subforum anyone can open a topic simply by posting a message,
> then anyone can reply, to any message in the thread, with quoting if
> necessary. As with a mailing list, if the discussion goes off-topic, a
> new topic is usually opened, again by simply posting a message, if
> necessary linking back to the topic of origin.

And why shouldn't that be clearly structured in a tree? There is also
forum software that can build a tree. But linear forums are poison for a
reasonable discussion.

> I would probably take part in a minority of topics, and get
> notifications only about those topics. I don't need groups to dicuss
> topics.

And there you have an advantage in a tree thread.For example, Slack will
notify you in the threads when a new one is opened. You will only
receive all further notifications if you are involved in the branch of
your thread or if you have actively subscribed to it. As little in the
system as Twitter.
But if someone opens a secondary discussion in the linear forum, you
will always receive a notification.
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