[Tagging] Fall protection mats on playgrounds

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Fri Mar 26 20:26:44 UTC 2021

No sure if that is comparable to Tartan.

In the European Union, relevant standards are

EN 1176:
EN: Playground equipment and surfacing
DE: Spielplatzgeräte und Spielplatzböden
FR: Equipements et sols d’aires de jeux

and EN 1177:
EN: Impact attenuating playground surfacing – Methods of test for determination of impact attenuation
DE: Stoßdämpfende Spielplatzböden – Bestimmung der kritischen Fallhöhe
FR: Sols d’aires de jeux absorbant l’impact – Détermination de la hauteur de chute critique

The standards relate the potential height of a fall to the dampening properties of the ground.
For us, they help to identify the relevant variety of playground surfaces.

Dampening materials are not only those colourful elastomers, but also loose materials,
ranging from ground, mulch, wood chips, sand and gravel. Besides non-dampening surfaces like 
concrete or asphalt.

Quote: "A variety of materials may be used as impact attenuating surfacing, natural and synthetic, 
with different attributes and performance. These include grass/earth, sand, wood chips, bark, 
gravel, and various rubber-based products which may be in the form of tiles or continuous coatings 
or combinations of these materials. Whilst the methods described in this Standard can be used to 
assess the impact attenuation performance of any of these surfaces, attention of users is drawn to, which explains that the behaviour of some natural materials can be highly variable and 
dependent on prevailing conditions."

Question is, should those elements of intentional protection just be tagged as surface=*,
or a key describing their purpose?


On 26.03.2021 20:32, Toggenburger Lukas wrote:
> I often map playgrounds in Switzerland and did notice that many of them (especially smaller ones near apartments) have so-called "Fallschutzmatten" (literally: "fall protection mats") as surface, especially in regions of a playground, where there is a risk of a child falling, e.g. around swings. See e.g. https://www.schutzmatten.ch/bodenbelage/fallschutzmatten-fallschutzplatten.html Their surface is a bit similar to Tartan used on racing tracks. Their purpose is obviously to protected children when falling. I think the usage of these mats on playgrounds might (in Switzerland) even be required by law.
> Question: How to tag these? surface=tartan is well-established ( approx. 14k usages worldwide: https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/tags/surface=tartan ) but probably not quite matching. What is the proper english term for them? Are there any subtypes a mapper should be aware of?
> Best regards
> Lukas

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