[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Big Bench

Robin Burek robin.burek at gmx.de
Mon May 17 11:30:08 UTC 2021


Here some picture examples: https://www.qwant.com/?t=images&q=Big+Bench+project
I would say, it could be a combination of



"Brian M. Sperlongano" zelonewolf at gmail.com – 17. Mai 2021 00:02
> I'd like to also point out a number of similar tags/keys:
> advertising=sculpture
> historic=memorial + memorial=sculpture
> tourism=artwork + artwork_type=sculpture
> These may not be sculptures per se, but I would strongly look at whether advertising=*, memorial=* or artwork_type=* would be better homes for these, even if new values are needed.

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