[Tagging] Feature Proposal - Approved - Shop as post-partner

Georg georg2016 at nurfuerspam.de
Thu May 20 16:47:07 UTC 2021

>> Maproulette seems good idea
> maproulette is only suitable for things you can unambiguously see on aerial imagery

This is not any more correct: For example
https://maproulette.org/challenge/9396/ does not at all require aerial
images but asks to search for opening hours on a shops website and map
them. Transfered to our case: The existing objects tagged with
amentity=post_office etc. could be iterated as tasks of a challenge, and
users shall look on object's website what post-office-tag suits (i.e. is
a change needed or is current tagging also fine with the new tags?). If
it is possible to let maproulette ask in which region a user wants to
find tasks of that challenge, it would be more efficient because users
could select areas they know well and tell by heart what object needs to
be tagged how - so no research time needed.
Maproulette has IMHO the huge advantage it does distribute & manage
tasks, so an object is not looked at several times (waste of resources).

What do you think of proposing a quest for Streetcomplete?
https://github.com/streetcomplete/StreetComplete would cover the
opposite approach, i.e. not someone wanting to do many post office tasks
wherever they are, but someone being somewhere and being asked whether a
*nearby object* - amonst many other things - tagged amentity=post_office
is a real post office or shall be changed to post_office=*. Maybe, these
quests could exchange data with maproulette tasks, i.e. one tells the
other that a certain object has been checked so it's not done several times.
On the other hand, this chek & update is a one-time-effort which may not
be desired as quests, but more the longer lasting quests, e.g. whether
post_office=* details are still correct (brands, services,...)


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