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2014-11-10 10:29 GMT+01:00 Stefan Tiran <stefan.tiran at student.tugraz.at>:

> Hi,
> Norbert Wenzel wrote:
> > You're missing the point of this discussion. It's not about whether
> > correct data should be deleted but about the question if mapping
> > parallel footways is actually correct data.
> This might be your point of view but I would not consider it as common
> sense.

It is obviously also my point of view. How many do we need, so that "point
of view" becomes "common sense"?

> > And if one does not consider
> > the separate footways correct data and one feels it destroys valid
> > routing (as in Kevin's example) it's easy to delete them without
> > violating any OSM rule we all agree upon.
> Kevin's example merely shows that asking the wrong question results in
> useless answers. If you intend to go the direct line, crossing the
> street at an arbitrary point, it does not make sense to use a router in
> order to calculate a route on dedicated footways. Instead you should use
> the so-called "off-road" navigation mode of your GPS device, which only
> shows the direction.

You are talking about "asking the wrong question" and in the same context
you state "if our tagging destroys your application, don't use it". And
yes, that is exactly what you just have said.

This footway tagging is in fact destroying information. It is not correct
data as it misses information and it somehow removes information that was
already there. So everyone who uses this tagging is deleting correct data.
In OSM everyone is allowed to use any tag he/she likes as long as it does
not conflict with any existing data nor invalidates or removes it. If you
(for the avoidance of doubts: "you"="everyone who uses this tagging") used
some new tag and not highway=footway, this all wouldn't be a problem. But
you want it to show up in the renderers (tagging for the renderer) and some
routers (tagging for the routers).

So before you (in the meaning as given above) start pointing fingers at
someone ("disrespecting the work of others") you should first look into the
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