[Talk-at] Questionnaire

grubernd lists at mehrzweckraum.com
Mon Mar 25 09:27:08 UTC 2019

On 23.03.19 18:01, Daniela Šedlárová wrote:
> hier ist Daniela. Entschulding noch mal als ich ihnen manche Probleme 
> gebracht habe. Die Unfrage dient zu meiner Diplomarbeit. Wo soll ich die 
> Unfrage schicken, als nicht hier. Das ist ein Mailinglist, wo die 
> Beiträger in OSM tätig sind. Sie kônnen gar nicht die Unfrage ausfúllen, 
> aber es kann mir sehr helfen.

i am fully with the thread on the Talk list.

the ethical data collecting approach is totally unresolved and obviously 

the very rude "hey, here's my stuff, now go work for me" attitude is 
more than offputting, especially in a mostly volunteer based community 
such as OSM.

then the questions show clearly that you have done not a lot of research 
about OSM at all, because the statistical data will be skewed like a 
Mercator projection at the poles.

you also might want to change that funny handwriting font to something 
less playful. you are trying to do science. this is not the invitation 
to a birthday party.

please do you homework first, then politely introduce you and your 
project, write a nice cover letter and then hope for the best.

or in less words: _Nice, now do it again, but better._

all the best,

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