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Il lun 28 dic 2020, 00:09 Stefan Tauner <stefan.tauner at gmx.at> ha scritto:

> On Sun, 27 Dec 2020 10:21:13 +0100
> Francesco Ansanelli <francians at gmail.com> wrote:
> > you can try this Overpass query on Italy to find some real example:
> >
> > node
> >   [amenity=drinking_water][name~Fonte]
> >   ({{bbox}});
> > out;
> >
> > Please feel free to find an helpful example to help me complete the
> > proposal.
> Hi,
> I still fail to see what problem the proposal tries to solve exactly. I
> have looked at about 15 of these examples (inside and outside of
> residential areas). Most of them don't use the spring tag at all and
> don't have a node tagged as spring nearby either. Some do have
> natural=spring tagged together with amenity=drinking_water and the name.

The question is: if you take the tap and put it in another place the name
will change?
I'd like to remove the name from drinking_water when it's the name of the
source tagged...

My conclusion is that what is tagged is actually the spring and the tap
> in the same location. This is the most common use case in my area as
> well (where the tap is often just a piece of pipe).
> If there is enough distance to warrant two nodes, for the spring and
> the tap, respectively, why do we need to add the name of the source
> spring?

In that case the name is already on the spring node and it is rather
> obvious what the source is (the spring nearby). It would make more
> sense to map the pipeline from the spring to the tap IMHO.

It's not meant you know where the spring is, maybe all what you find it's a
piece of pipe with a sign, as you told.. to put that name, the spring name,
on the piece of pipe my proposal is to not use the name tag.
On the discussion page also another tag name have being suggested, if
someone agrees it's a mistake to mix the water name with the tap name, we
can also choose which tag is better.


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