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Thanks for the info - I kinda thought that was the situation.
The streets that I've added are all in my local area so I have observed the street signs at some time or another - I was just referring to the street directory for handy verification. Is this still a no-no? Should I delete the names that I've already done?

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Hi Mark,
Copying street names out of street directories is a no-no, it is considered a breach of copyright, even if the original source of the data is public domain. Whether this is in fact the case or not, the OSM community has chosen to err on the side of discretion and it has been agreed that no street names are to be copied from directories or maps that are still in copyright.  
Old maps and directories over 50 (?) years old are ok to use as they are now out of copyright.
*********** REPLY SEPARATOR ***********On 15/11/2007 at 12:47 PM Mark Turnbull wrote:
Hello AU mappers, I've just started playing around with the Potlatch editor on OSM, entering some local streets in my neighbourhood & was wondering about the road tag hierachy & copyright source. Is it ok to use a <insert-brand-name-here> street directory to set the highway tags or not?I'm not sure if this info is from the public domain (RTA?) or not. Mark T.

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