[talk-au] [Talk-au] Change of Author?

Andrew Loughhead andrew at incanberra.com.au
Sat Nov 24 11:17:29 GMT 2007

Michael Lenser wrote:
> Does anyone know why the author properties of openstreetmaps would change?
> Large amounts of my many many hours of hard work is now credited to  
> another author  with no change to my original work. The "created_by"  
> tag has also changed from "JOSM" to "Potlatch alpha". Is this a bug  
> with Potlatch or a deliberate action by the user?
Pretty sure this was mentioned on osm-talk recently.  I think the 
verdict was that just selecting and then deselecting the way or node in 
Potlatch is sufficient to make this happen.  If someone was even just 
using Potlatch to inspect the data, to see what attributes have been 
set, they might end up apparently being the author. 


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