[talk-au] [Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Explicit 4WD_Only tag

Matt White mattwhite at iinet.com.au
Sun Nov 30 10:41:36 GMT 2008

Liz wrote:
> On smoothness I was wondering whether to rate "smoothness" before or after the 
> grader went through. It's too variable here to be of any use in the real 
> world.
Too true. The road I was on today was pretty good for the most part 
(easy 2WD), but there was a section that either hadn't been maintained, 
or the recent rain had muddied it up and other 4WD's had been through in 
the mud digging the road up, and the whole road was pretty rough with 
some deep potholes and (for want of a better phrase) "up and down bits" 
which would need reasonable approach and ramp over clearances.
> We also need
> something to describe "impassable when wet" or "dry weather only"
> and a descriptor for a creek or other waterway which isn't always there 
> eg "ephemeral"
Again, I agree. Seasonal closure gates, dry weather only (or the reverse 
"impassable when wet") would be good.  The dry/wet tag probably needs to 
appear next to the road name as well, as it's fairly critical 
information when driving around, and the smoothness tag doesn't really 
cut it. I think there is a seasonal tag that can be used though - recall 
seeing that when I was looking around the OSM wiki


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