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Darrin Smith beldin at beldin.org
Tue Oct 21 12:24:55 BST 2008

On Tue, 21 Oct 2008 21:57:40 +1100
Liz <edodd at billiau.net> wrote:

> On Tue, 21 Oct 2008, Darrin Smith wrote:
> > I used NHA20, NHA1 and NHA16 to all refer to the Shields with
> > 'National' on across the top to correlate with the remaing
> > 'National' Routes being labelled NH20 in the rest of the country. I
> > can tell you that apart from the Issue of whether NH is approriate
> > for those signs (N could also be I guess). The area around Gepps
> > Cross is completely accurate with the signging in the area. The
> > roads maked 'NHxx' all have 'National' Across the top of the shield
> > in those areas. NSW has chosen to remove all Nationals from what I
> > see online, but SA so far seems to be keeping them and even new
> > signage is still getting "National".
> >
> > Hope that makes things a little less murky for you.
> my real problem is that the labelling is inconsistent.
> for example the Sturt in Mildura  goes A20 NH20 A20 in a short
> distance.

Well this is 'Open' Street Map ;) If you know what's there is wrong
from observation, fix it... or have you and someone keeps changing it
back, not THAT is definitely call for complaint.
> I don't agree with putting NR20 or NH20 because that isn't what is on
> a sign, but that's not the main point... I'd like the labels to be
> the same for the section of the road in a single State.

But not all sections of the road in one state have the same code (Sturt
Highway being exactly the case in point, it is NOT National A20 for the
last ~5km between Gepps Cross and Pooraka. I don't know about the case
around Mildura so I can't comment there. I can defintely give more
examples in Adelaide, Grand Junction Road IS signed A16 at each end and
'National' A16 in the middle.

As to the NR/NH thing, what would you suggest (for the few states with
these signs remaing, WA in particular which appears will be having them
for a while) to distinguish between the 3 types of shields that exist?

> I note that someone labelled the Western end of the Mid Western
> highway at Hay with NR24 or summat similar, but the sign at Hay says
> B64 - exactly as this sign
> http://ozroads.com.au/NSW/Special/MAB/223.jpg shows. That photograph
> was taken in Dec, and the signs looked the same in May when I last
> went there to work for a few days.
> While the inconsistency of the NSW RTA is a hurdle in getting correct
> route designations, mappers need to to record what is there on the
> ground / signs. Putting NR24 at that point strongly suggests a
> copyright violation - that someone has got this info from a copyright
> source.

How old is the data there? From that site (and no doubt your travelling
around) you know the MABC is only now starting to make inroads into
NSW, perhaps the data was added before the B64 sign crops up? I know
there are a quite a few roads around Adelaide (especially in the
southern suburbs) that date back several years without an edit....
Of course, if it's a newer edit, especially if it's a change from the
correct data, string 'em up ;)



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