[talk-au] Road numbers in Garmin

Liz edodd at billiau.net
Tue Oct 21 11:57:40 BST 2008

On Tue, 21 Oct 2008, Darrin Smith wrote:
> I used NHA20, NHA1 and NHA16 to all refer to the Shields with
> 'National' on across the top to correlate with the remaing 'National'
> Routes being labelled NH20 in the rest of the country. I can tell you
> that apart from the Issue of whether NH is approriate for those signs
> (N could also be I guess). The area around Gepps Cross is completely
> accurate with the signging in the area. The roads maked 'NHxx' all have
> 'National' Across the top of the shield in those areas. NSW has chosen
> to remove all Nationals from what I see online, but SA so far seems to
> be keeping them and even new signage is still getting "National".
> Hope that makes things a little less murky for you.

my real problem is that the labelling is inconsistent.
for example the Sturt in Mildura  goes A20 NH20 A20 in a short distance.

I don't agree with putting NR20 or NH20 because that isn't what is on a sign, 
but that's not the main point... I'd like the labels to be the same for the 
section of the road in a single State.

I note that someone labelled the Western end of the Mid Western highway at Hay 
with NR24 or summat similar, but the sign at Hay says B64 - exactly as this 
sign http://ozroads.com.au/NSW/Special/MAB/223.jpg shows. That photograph was 
taken in Dec, and the signs looked the same in May when I last went there to 
work for a few days.

While the inconsistency of the NSW RTA is a hurdle in getting correct route 
designations, mappers need to to record what is there on the ground / signs.
Putting NR24 at that point strongly suggests a copyright violation - that 
someone has got this info from a copyright source.

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