[talk-au] GPS recommendation

Ross info at 4x4falcon.com
Fri Sep 12 00:19:25 BST 2008

> I'm looking for a new GPS, optimised for OSM data collection.  As
> such, long battery life would be a plus (that's the main problem with
> my current one).  High accuracy is good, but I'm not looking for one
> of the professional quality ones (Currently have SIRF3 chip).  Adding
> waymarks is not a real plus, I never used it on my old device, so I
> wouldn't miss it.  Large amounts of logging memory is good.  I don't
> even really need a screen/map display - a pure data logger would be
> OK.  As long as it tracks my movement once per second (minimum) and
> allows me to download it to a computer easily, I'll be happy.  If it
> used AA or AAA batteries, that would be a plus, but not essential as
> long as the battery life is long enough.  Oh, and I'd prefer to source
> it in Australia, for ease of shipping, maintenance etc, but I'm
> willing to go overseas if need be.
> I'd prefer to use one that somebody else has used so I know it will be
> suitable for OSM.  Any suggestions?
> Stephen
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