[talk-au] Routable OSM Garmin maps

Liz edodd at billiau.net
Tue Apr 21 08:15:33 BST 2009

On Tue, 9 Dec 2008, Matt White wrote:
> I've created my first set of routable OSM maps for Garmin devices. For
> those of you with such a device, have a go at downloading the IMG files
> and see how the routing works.
> The routing is fairly new for the mkgmap application, and will probably
> improve rapidly over the next couple of weeks as more people try it
> out.So bear with any floaws (ie routing cyclist along freeways) for the
> moment. Also, I've noticed that it doesn't upload to MapSource as well
> as you'd like.
> If the maps are OK (I'm playing with them at the mo'), I'll setup
> nightly builds on the IMG files to match the other three sets I'm
> currently doing.
> Download from http://www.osmaustralia.org
> Matt.

Suffering from bored mapper syndrome
so i have tried these today

i tried joining the whole set into one with gpsmapedit via wine
but the resulting .mp won't convert with cGPSmapper 
I edited a few things to get it to start and after 2 hours got
****lines   ****
Elements to process -->937194
92 %879.47 s

Aborting program due to errors. Check error message above.

i'd like to be able to make a joined up map at least nsw-vic-sa
as my usual travels take me across those three states

any suggestions (linux devotee)

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