[talk-au] Buronga-Mildura Road???

Elizabeth Dodd edodd at billiau.net
Mon Apr 20 23:21:18 BST 2009

On Tue, 21 Apr 2009, Luke Woolley wrote:
> First of all i'm sorry.
No worries
> I made that mistake when I was fixing up the Calder 
> Highway last August, during my efforts to show both carriageways and the
> roundabout from existing GPS traces. Before I was corrected a while ago by
> a mapper who contacted me about my ways of tagging streets with two names
> (usually it is a highway name, and a local street name sharing the same
> stretch of road). For C routes, I have been using the Victorian style of
> naming these roads, which is in most cases, the nearest two places at the
> ends of the route. The actual name I added was incorrect. I should have put
> "Buronga - Mildura South Road" 
OK, I can find Buronga -Mildura South Road referenced on the net, with a long 
term proposition that the Sturt is diverted down there with a new bridge over 
the Murray.

> but I carelessly removed the local street 
> name at the same time. Back then I had a mindset that through routes had
> priority over local routes, but I have changed that habit now! I also did
> not get the name from Google. 
I wonder if google followed OSM??

> I NEVER use Google for any mapping. It is 
> derived from the worst mapping database (for Australia at least) I have
> ever encountered.

Anyway, we still can't fix anything up for at least another 10 hours, as the 
database is still read only until "Tuesday morning"

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