[talk-au] ABS Import Wiki page

BlueMM bluemm1975-osm at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 20 05:32:02 GMT 2009

Franc Carter <franc.carter at ...> writes:
> Hi,It looks like the vote is in favour of relations and there is the
> beginnings of consensus around other tags.So I have updated the wiki page

Hey, crazy idea, but should we be using something like au.gov.abs:xyz as the
It matches the Java library format, and would group tags really well when sorted
I wanted to suggest it before our first major import as trying to change a
notation later on would suck big time. I could see future imports following a
similar format, like au.gov.vic.land, au.com.whereis etc.
Or maybe just use the above suggestion when there will be ambiguity like the ABS
case. I can imagine being consistent would make sorted tags match up very nicely
(like in Tagwatch or Potlatch if/when its tags are displayed sorted - I don't
think they are yet but the TIGER guys wanted it)



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