[talk-au] replacement bicycle mounted gps

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 11:08:39 GMT 2009

2009/11/18 Elizabeth Dodd <edodd at billiau.net>:
> I don't know what phones run Android.

Unfortunately there is very few phones available in Australia at
present, there is the option of importing one.

Trying to find the cheap import site I found a couple of weeks ago,
but there is this local one:


> I've already asked on another list for suggestions with supporting evidence
> and got
> "Iphone, just because".

I can give you a couple of reasons not to get an iPhone, non-changable
batteries, the GPS is only good to about 30m, very few free apps and
apple had a non-open source policy at some point.

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