[talk-au] Bendigo VIC (Micro?) Mapping Party

Craig Feuerherdt craigfeuerherdt at gmail.com
Sat Apr 3 10:39:49 BST 2010

Are you interested in contributing to help make Bendigo VIC one of the
better mapped regional cities in Australia?
Given the significant contributions by several mappers and the recent
release of Nearmap imagery covering the vast majority of Bendigo, it seems
logical that a Mapping Party be organised to make a concerted effort to add
to the OSM base. The main focus (depending on numbers of course) will be
Bendigo's 'inner
- Don/Myrtle Street, Barnard Street, Bridge/Chapel Street, McIvor Hwy and
the Railway line.
In the first instance I am seeking feedback as to which day (or weekend)
would be suitable. Please enter you preferred date(s) at
http://doodle.com/zrsws934d89uk92c and drop me an email. Only the Saturdays
are listed however the Sundays are also a possibility as well.If there are
enough interested on a certain date I will put together a wiki page with all
the necessary details.
Look forward to seeing you in Bendigo!
Craig Feuerherdt
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