[talk-au] [Fwd: [OpenStreetMap] Re: Roundabouts]

Elizabeth Dodd edodd at billiau.net
Fri Dec 31 07:20:48 GMT 2010

On Fri, 31 Dec 2010 17:08:42 +1000
John Smith <deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Someone else was starting a new thread for every reply because they
> didn't want to recieve the emails, but instead view replies via the
> web archives, I was trying to help them and myself by suggesting other
> ways of doing things since it kept screwing up threading, I received a
> similar response but I stuck with it and eventually came up with a
> suggestion that the person liked better than web archives and in the
> end I got a thank you for sticking with it email...
> On 31 December 2010 17:02,  <info at 4x4falcon.com> wrote:
> > Interesting attitude by some people when your just trying to help.
> >
> > Cheers
> > Ross

well congrats on your persistence JS

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