[talk-au] Canberra - last white spot on the map

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 11:37:59 GMT 2010

On 3 February 2010 21:24, Richard Colless <firefly at ar.com.au> wrote:
> could be added to the POI's. Also had a bit of trouble locating a convenient
> petrol station - a lot were "Unnamed". Not helpful when you have a wallet
> full of Coles or Woolworths discount vouchers.

It might be useful to clarify things when it comes to Coles Express
and Woolworths locations as to what the operator/naming should be, if
you have a look at the BP import the naming is all over the place,
even though a large number of them would be operated by BP directly,
but an equally large number are independently owned/operated.

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