[talk-au] answers to the difficult questions

Andrew Laughton laughton.andrew at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 07:19:14 GMT 2010

>> amenity=waste_disposal
>> waste=excrement
>> Not bad, but the second tag is useless by itself

> Which is why you dont use it by itself.  name= tag is useless by itself
> too, but thats no reason encourage a merger to use 'highway_name' as a
> single tag... or did I miss your point?

The point being if someone wanted to search for the nearest effluent
dump, it would be much easier to search for a single tag, not multiple
Any effluent dump may also have a waste oil dump / normal rubbish dump
nearby as well, making the tags a bit messy and hard to search for.
"amenity=waste_disposal" starts to become ambiguous if there is no
"waste" tag to go with it.
In my opinion it would be a bit tidier without the waste tag, and have
extra "amenity" tag options.


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