[talk-au] answers to difficult questions

John Henderson snowgum at gmx.com
Thu Feb 18 18:47:03 GMT 2010

Nick Hocking wrote:

> I have no idea how to map the wind turbines. Do I need radar or survey 
> tools or can it be done by photographs, or do I just nee to ask them nicely to let me drive around.

I just crossed a sheep fence in an area where there were no signs 
telling me to keep out, and spent a couple of hours walking and visiting 
each turbine.

> The Nearmap imagery is great. If you have it open in a browser and in 
> Josm then it can be used to edit in bus stops and even postboxes, if you're brave.

That sounds like a useful technique.

The imagery is also great for adding all the missing slip lanes at 
intersections.  That's something GPS units aren't good at.  Changes of 
direction even at moderate speeds always seem to reduce GPS accuracy 
considerably.  The tendency seems always to bias the track heavily 
towards the direction of original travel for quite a distance.

John H

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