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I know how you feel. I came home from a trip to remote Australia with lots of material to upload and was met with the “traffic” generated by this issue. I don’t understand what’s it’s all about. The Wicki, like it is in most things, is confused and inconclusive. No one has contacted me directly and I just don’t think it is worth the effort.


I get the impression that this show is run by Europeans so I am not surprised.




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I was very keen and learning ...had done a few edits.... not many.... but I was planning on getting right into it. 
I don't agree with the new licensing and have just been sitting on the side reading. 

I have some firm views against the new licensing and also about the methods that have been used in the implementation, but I don't feel I have been a member of the community for long enough to be vocal in expressing my opinion.
I doubt very much that I will edit or map in OSM again. 
Perhaps in one of the derivatives.

 I feel like I am the customer who walked into the shop and didn't get any service. 
Not because the staff were busy, but because they were standing round talking amongst themselves about how quiet it has been...  and so because I did not get any service I didn't complain, I just walked out of the shop.

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