[talk-au] Re-entering data to avoid licensing failure

Sam Wilson sam at archives.org.au
Sun Dec 18 02:40:19 GMT 2011

On 2011-12-17 6:46AM, Steve Bennett wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 9:43 PM, Sam Wilson<sam at archives.org.au>  wrote:
>> I keep well out of the whole legal/political side of OSM usually, but I'd
>> just like to ask if I should be doing anything in particular whilst editing
>> these days, before the licence change?  I mean, people keep talking about
>> deleting and recreating data that's been added by decliners, and it rather
>> sounds like a fair bit of work!  If I just carry on as usual, am I making
>> more work for everyone later, or is it going to be okay?  I don't
>> particularly fancy having piles of my contributions removed because they're
>> building on decliners' data!
> If you're creating new data, then all will be fine.
> If you're modifying existing data, then there are a few possibilities
> I know about so far:
> 1) All the previous editors of that data accepted the CTs, so you'll be fine
> 2) Some significant editors of that data haven't and won't accept the
> CTs, so your work will be wasted
> 3) Some editors of that data haven't accepted the CTs, but their work
> can be removed without destroying the rest.
> The major, painful example of type 3) is John Smith's mass
> "maxspeed=50" edit, which touched tens of thousands of streets. And
> then he refused to accept the CTs, leaving a lot of streets in this
> complicated state.
> Short answer: it may be ok, or your work may be wasted, or you may be
> creating more work. Everything is possible!
> Steve

Thanks Richard and Steve for your ideas.  I've started using the licence 
check plugin... and now getting disheartened at the extent of the 
non-agreeing data!  :-(

Ah well.  I rather want to keep mapping, and not wait till this is all 
resolved... so I think I shall just fix (as in, recreate) those ways 
with a v1 decliner, and ignore the rest for the time being.  Seems silly 
to be manually removing every "maxspeed=50" anyway; that's the sort of 
thing the machine will do when the time comes.

Or maybe I'll just stick to the WA countryside, where there's a million 
miles of completely unmapped roads!  (And lots of GPS traces, and a fair 
bit of high-res aerial photography.)

- Sam.

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