[talk-au] I deleted a few locality boundaries...

Ross Scanlon info at 4x4falcon.com
Sun Dec 18 09:15:57 GMT 2011

On 18/12/11 17:07, Sam Wilson wrote:
> Yes, I've often wondered the same: if they're officially defined as
> following particular roads etc. and then those roads move, do the
> boundaries move also?

No.  Do a search through the archives of the list and you'll find this 

> Also, there seem to be some situations in which boundaries do not
> actually match the locations of the roads (etc.) that they're ostensibly
> following. I mean, not way off, but 10m or what have you, and not
> consistently either -- there's some (although, I can't find one this
> afternoon; I saw a couple last week out in the WA wheatbelt somewhere)
> that cross over the road and then back again (which matches aerial
> photography and GPS traces!). Do roads really move all that often, and
> by not much?

Probably the original gazetted road could not be built where it was 
layed out on a blank sheet of paper and when it came to building the 
road they had to deviate around something.

> I always have all administrative boundaries turned off (greyed-out) in
> JOSM, because they're all a bit confusing. And not staying after the
> licence change, it would seem!

That's correct as the original importer has declined the CT's.  Which 
throws up the problem of if you attach it to a road, river, railway, etc 
then that road, river, railway is also going to be deleted.


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