[talk-au] I deleted a few locality boundaries...

Ross Scanlon info at 4x4falcon.com
Mon Dec 19 00:50:28 GMT 2011

On 19/12/11 08:38, Ben Kelley wrote:
> What happens where the current boundaries have been edited since the
> initial import?
> e.g. Where the boundary follows some geographical feature that is
> difficult to survey, like a river.
> Often the river tags have been added to the ABS data way. Removing the
> boundary removes the river. I have seen rail lines like this as well.
>    - Ben.

Guess what.  It's going to be deleted too.

As I said and it's been said many times before other items should not be 
attached to boundaries.

There is details on the wiki about separating the rivers etc from the 
boundaries.  Look under Australian Tagging Guidelines.


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