[talk-au] Suitable Garvin GPS Devices

Eraina & Richard Jenkins richardvk1rj at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 00:22:00 GMT 2011

My T_m-T_m GPS is over two years old ... and its maps are showing some
errors. I was looking at buying a new set of maps ... but if I can get
them for my model, they will cost almost as much as a new gps!!

Some friends have told me that a Garvin GPS is the way to go ...
because I can then take advantage of the OSM work done by others ...
and keep my maps up to date.  I can even contribute by inputting data
from places I visit on my winter travels up the north coast!  

Accepting this, are there any Garvin GPS that will not support OSM ...
i.e. that I should stay away from.  This buying of commercial maps
every couple of years is a pain!!  Maybe I should scan the discount
stores for a Garvin ... now ... during the after-Xmas sales??  

Maybe if you have specific advice you could email me direct.  I don't
want to start a flame-war ... over different brands of GPS!  I use my
GPS in the car/motorhome ... so a 4.5in screen would be a plus.  The
windscreen in our truck is a metre from my eyes! 

Thanks for any help...


Eraina & Richard Jenkins
Mossy Point AU
(approximately 300 Km South of Sydney ... on the coast)  

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