[talk-au] Suitable Garmin GPS Devices

Elizabeth Dodd edodd at billiau.net
Mon Jan 3 01:09:42 GMT 2011

On Mon, 3 Jan 2011 11:22:00 +1100
Eraina & Richard Jenkins <richardvk1rj at gmail.com> wrote:

> My T_m-T_m GPS is over two years old ... and its maps are showing some
> errors. I was looking at buying a new set of maps ... but if I can get
> them for my model, they will cost almost as much as a new gps!!
> Some friends have told me that a Garvin GPS is the way to go ...
> because I can then take advantage of the OSM work done by others ...
> and keep my maps up to date.  I can even contribute by inputting data
> from places I visit on my winter travels up the north coast!  
> Accepting this, are there any Garvin GPS that will not support OSM ...
> i.e. that I should stay away from.  This buying of commercial maps
> every couple of years is a pain!!  Maybe I should scan the discount
> stores for a Garvin ... now ... during the after-Xmas sales??  
> Maybe if you have specific advice you could email me direct.  I don't
> want to start a flame-war ... over different brands of GPS!  I use my
> GPS in the car/motorhome ... so a 4.5in screen would be a plus.  The
> windscreen in our truck is a metre from my eyes! 
> Thanks for any help...
> Richard 

I am using routable maps for Garmin from


and these work OK in my Garmin Oregon. I have not tested them in the
Garmin car sat-nav at all, which is a 2007 model for which I have no
new maps since 2008.

On being able to add to the data - note that there is a split in the
community over the new licence for OSM and some substantial
contributors to the Australian map will provide no more data to OSM
after April Fool's Day.
We will have alternate data sources by then.

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