[talk-au] Fwd: [Tagging] tagging world heritage (UNESCO) and other protected areas/features

tshrub my-email-confirmation at online.de
Thu Jan 13 11:16:46 GMT 2011

> ...
>> ...
> ...
>> ... A
>> problem might arise if a feature is at the same time protected for
>> different reasons.
If one feature/area is at the same time protected for different reasons,
but belongs to the same ID and you can´t catch that by additional taggs,
you can give
# a further relation to that line or you have to make
# a second boundary/layer (double, in the view of the ID),
to give individual data (contact, ...) to the "reason" too. (same 
problem as without those protect_IDs ...)
Its not uncommon that areas cover/overlap eath other (there is a 
"including"-hierachie: local > regional > national >international).

otherwise its to discuss, to establish further "distinct" protect_IDs in 
the 30th or 40th for the interstate and international (sometimes "only" 
award-) 98-ID. But they are not too much, and I think/wish, we come 
along with those about 30 main-IDs.

> That sort of what I used, though it's changed a bit since then.
do you remember what?

> There's also problem of marking it boundary=protected_area and
> boundary=national_park at the same time.
its not intend to use both.
there is just a threat on gmane.comp.gis.openstreetmap.region.us
"boundary = national_park in the US"
there is a workaround-proposal:
where later a "bot can change the boundary tag"
(may be possible(?), but today I don´t like that)

f.e. a protected_area

 > ... links
on the fraser-island I wouldn´t mix the protected_area ("administrativ") 
with the landuse and I would copy the line, make two (I think, thats 
common?), because in the future, the vegetation will become more 

best regards, t.

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