[talk-au] Active Australian OSM contributors in light of CT/license changes

Diego Molla-Aliod diego.molla-aliod at mq.edu.au
Fri Jul 8 14:09:29 BST 2011

I was quietly reading this list until I saw my name, so here's my reply
about what I plan to do.

I only map from my traces and therefore the change of license doesn't affect
me (does it?) so my plan is to keep mapping OSM. I'll keep checking
fosm.orgevery now and then but so far I can't reach it.

Anyway, these days I'm holidaying in Asahikawa, a town mostly uncharted, a
paradise for mappers :-) what you see is virtually my own:



> From: Andrew Harvey
> Sent: Wednesday, 6 July 2011 9:30 PM
> To: OSM Australian Talk List
> Subject: [talk-au] Active Australian OSM contributors in light of
> CT/license
> changes
> Since the ban on all contributors who didn't sign the CTs, and ban on all
> new contributors from using NearMap and other CC-BY/CC-BY-SA sources, I'm
> no
> longer actively contributing to the OSM database. Instead I am now actively
> contributing to the fosm database. I am interested to hear what other
> active
> Australian OSM contributors will be doing now.
> Just looking through the list at http://odbl.de/australia.html we have a
> fair amount of people who have been locked out, and also people who ticked
> the CTs who have used CC-BY/CC-BY-SA sources in the past who may want to
> keep this data and continue using these sources in the future.
> So, active Australian OSM contributors, are you staying with the OSM db? If
> so how are you going to do edits going forward, because any CC-BY-SA
> derived
> data you add may be removed if OSM abandons CC-BY-SA at some point in the
> future (or may even be conflicting with your agreed CTs now...).
> Are you moving to the fosm db? If so, great! Less problems with trying to
> merge your data into fosm, and we can all get back to mapping. Do you have
> any concerns over the switch?
> Are you going to stop contributing data altogether? Or are you putting you
> efforts on hold at the moment.
> I'm interested in Australia wide, but I'm personally most interested to
> hear
> from Franc, behemoth14, rrankin, Zhent, Ebenezer, swanilli, inas, Diego,
> good2010, dexgps. (these are just those that come to mind from looking over
> recent edits in the Sydney area)
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