[talk-au] ODbL data.gov.au permission granted

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Tue Nov 15 16:44:22 GMT 2011

On 15/11/2011 15:54, Andrew Laughton wrote:
> This is different to what I thought is was.
> Could someone please remind me why Nearmap and Google maps do not want 
> us to trace their aerial views ?

Google just don't allow it in their basic terms of service. We have 
asked them to allow us and the informal answer was that the imagery 
comes from different suppliers under different agreements, so it would 
be just too difficult. We also provide a map from our own website as 
well as map data so are a potential competitor ... but that is me 

Nearmap have a business model that requires them to claim copyright from 
their commercial customers of not only the imagery but anything that is 
traced from it.  Therefore they were very tightly constrained to make 
sure they did nothing that undermined their commercial business. Both 
they, and us, tried very hard but in the end I guess their lawyers were 
unable to sign off on it from a commercial risk point of view.

Bing make no claim on anything traced as long as it is put in the OSM 
database.  Me speculating again; this is a case where having a 
share-alike license is a good thing, Microsoft, like IBM and Novell with 
Linux, can make something available safe in the knowledge that it cannot 
be snaffled and improved by a competitor during at least a business 
cycle, help their customers with an OSM layer, and eventually spend less 
money on other commercial map providers. It will be great if they can 
extend their higher-resolution coverage of Australian non-city areas, 
something to work on.

> Also if I agree to the new license, is there an easy way to delete all 
> my Yahoo aerial tracing, or is this now allowed ?
> I think I had a source tag on most, if not all of it, but at the 
> moment I am locked out from viewing it.

Yahoo imagery is or or shortly will be longer available as they are 
winding up their own map unit, the imagery delivery has been on 
auto-pilot for some time. The permission to use it for past tracing 
remains unchanged and they make no copyright claim over the tracings 
made,  so I hope that solves the question?  If not or you or anyone else 
has other difficult data, let me know and we will try to help. We have 
one instance where a contributor can accept for data in one area of the 
world but not another area, and another instance where a contributor 
feels they cannot accept for contributions made during a certain time 


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