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Tue Nov 29 05:47:53 GMT 2011

On 29/11/2011, at 3:20 PM, nicholas.g.lawrence at tmr.qld.gov.au wrote:
> > > I will continue to edit to get the roads and intersections to look
> > > professional, reflecting reality, rather than the confusing,  
> chunky
> > > rendering with an over-abundance of arrows and street names that  
> I so
> > > often come across.
> >
> > I for one don't want an OSM which looks pretty, but is useless! The
> > reality we seek is utilitarian, not just aesthetic.
> >
> > John H
> Sounds like a data vs rendering issue?
> You want the data for routing, but the rendering should still look  
> pretty.
> nick

Recently I read a suggestion for "zoom hinting" tags to assist /  
override renderers in deciding whether certain elements should be  
visible at certain zoom levels.  Adopting an "assisted rendering"  
approach to hide various ugliness could be a step toward having the  
best of both worlds.

Not only with road elements, POIs, but also place names.

Here's a perfect example - it's my understanding that small, isolated  
regional townships in remote areas of Australia need to be tagged as  
towns or cities, despite their population being that of a village.

E.g. the township of Tennant Creek, NT is tagged "City", though it's  
population is only 3,500 (2005 data). The OSM wiki suggests a  
population centre of 100,000+ is a City.

However, we need to break these rules in order to put small but  
important isolated townships "on the map", so it's a case where  
tagging for the renderer is accepted, but it's something that I'm not  
comfortable with and is a perfect example to demonstrate a need for  
assisted rendering tags.

Imagine a tourist... off to see the "City" of Tennant Creek because  
OSM told them it's a major population centre... and they arrive to  
find a truckstop and a pub!  :-)


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